What can an App do for your School?



If you have some important news, you can alert parents through Push Notifications: school closures, parent meeting reminders, etc.



To individuals, groups and whole schools. Messages can be scheduled by busy principals and administrators to be delivered at any time.



See which parents have read the message. Output a record of selected correspondences in a spreadsheet.


Alert replies

Once your users have registered, you can send them individual push notifications through the app. You can see when they have read the message and they can reply to the school privately.


School branding

We will create your School's App using your images and school colors.



As parents ourselves, we often find it difficult to find out school events and dates. Often, physical letters don't reach home and websites are difficult to navigate. Keep track of school activities.


Surveys & forms

You can offer users a simple survey or a more complex form containing media uploads such as photos and videos.


Secure Areas

We know security is important to you. That's why we've made it extremely easy to password protect any area of your app or even secure the whole app!